Carpet tiles/commercial carpets/floor preparation

Commercial quality carpets/carpet tiles.

A complete range of durable flooring options for commercial projects.

Extreme flooring ltd are specialist fitters and suppliers of commercial carpets and carpet tiles, offering contemporary flooring solutions with outstanding performance characteristics. We supply carpets for many market sectors including; healthcare, commercial, educational and leisure sectors. These products can withstand the demands of their intended environments, and some of our products features includes antimicrobial coatings and impervious backings.

All carpets we supply have the product accreditation, certification and proven track record to give you the confidence that they are fit for purpose and built to last within busy commercial environments.

The demand for high performing internal finishing products has never been so important as it is today. We understand the need for flooring solutions that will withstand heavy commercial cleaning and need to help with infection prevention and control, which is why most of our chosen products are soil and stain repellent, and many ranges include antimicrobial coatings that can achieve a reduction of 99.99% in bacteria and is proven effective against SARS-COV-2.

Commercial Quality Preparation Services.

Extreme flooring are experts in flooring preparation works.

Services include: flooring grade plywood, damp proof membranes, priming, latexing, screeding and levelling, and diamond grinding. 

Extreme flooring are here to cover all your subfloor needs and requirements.