Linoleum & rubber flooring

Linoleum & Rubber flooring Experts

Rubber flooring is great for high-traffic areas because it’s durable enough to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear and tear. 
Whether you’re looking for bright, energetic colours to renovate a workout space or want durable, trusty rubber flooring for a heavily populated walkway, you’ll find the rubber flooring that you need. Rubber flooring is the go-to option across several industries such as fitness, sport, utilities, education and healthcare.
We Supply a fantastic range of Linoleum flooring which is perfect for commercial use in most areas such as: corridors, lobbies, cafe’s, restaurants, commercial buildings and many more… They come is huge amounts of colour choices, and Extreme flooring are here to cover all your needs.


Rubber flooring as a material is eco-friendly, and recyclable with a low impact on the environment.

Linoleum is a genuine natural floor that proves to be particularly durable, robust and timeless.
Linoleum flooring is a sustainable product with Superior design qualities and a very large set of colours to choose from.

Commercial Flooring Services

Our complete service includes advice on which flooring solution is right for your needs, accurate measurement service, detailed quotations and high quality craftsmanship when fitting your flooring.


This solution absorbs high impacts and can easily stand high-volume footfall. Moreover, this surface provides more cushioning than other flooring options. This improved comfort reduces fatigue and injuries. This durability makes rubber flooring an excellent long-term investment.

Slip Resistance

Depending on the R- rating, this flooring has a slip resistance that far exceeds many other options. For this reason, gymnasiums commonly use this solution. Furthermore, it also makes an attractive option for nursing homes and healthcare amenities.

Low Maintenance

This option is simple to maintain. Daily vacuums to remove accumulated surface dirt and debris and a minimum weekly mop with water and a mild detergent are all that is required. The use of strong chemicals will permanently damage the surface. The swift clean-up of spills will also maintain the longevity of this variety of flooring.