Hygienic PVC Wall Installation Experts

Hygienic Wall Cladding Experts

Catering to diverse customer needs across various environments, we offer a comprehensive selection of hygienic wall cladding and ceiling products sourced from our network of trusted suppliers.
Backed by extensive experience and skilled team, we ensure that each installation meets the highest standards of quality. From the moment you reach out to us, you can expect a seamless and professional experience that extends from initial contact through to installation and beyond.
Looking for floors and walls? Aswell as hygienic wall cladding, we also offer vinyl flooring and hygienic cladding services as a complete package, to create a full watertight and seamless finish.
We take pride in our qualifications, accreditations, and track record, but above all, what our customers have to say.  Whatever the project or environment, our expert team are here to help you.
Antimicrobial Wall Solutions for Healthcare and Clinical Facilities

Now more than ever hygiene in all healthcare environments is of paramount importance. Our team will deliver and install a high-quality product and service every time. With a quick and professional installation, you can be sure your project adheres to all regulations required.

Robust Cladding Systems for Educational Settings

Although all educational settings need cosmetically pleasing and hygienic settings to inspire and keep children safe, school cladding also needs to be robust and easy to maintain. Our team can provide and install hygienic wall systems that meets the standards required in a range of colours quickly and efficiently.

Enhance Commercial Spaces with our Hygienic Wall Solutions

Like most sectors, commercial offices, retail spaces, mixed-use venues and beyond require cladding to be not only appealing, but should achieve a high fire rating. With a variety of colours to suit any interior, our range of hygienic wall cladding systems delivered by our team will meet these performance requirements.

Protective Wall Cladding for Sports & Leisure Areas

In gyms, sports halls, and wellbeing spaces where heavy traffic is common, our range of hygienic wall cladding solutions offers durability, easy maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a resilient and attractive option.

Clean and Safe Wall Cladding Systems for the Hospitality Sector

Rest assured that your restaurant, bar, hotel, or venue exudes appeal, quality, and compliance with food and fire standards. Our robust solutions ensure easy maintenance, promising both aesthetics and safety.

Sterile Cladding Systems for Pharmaceutical Environments

Superior hygiene requirements are demanded by the pharmaceutical industry, hence why our team can deliver the BioClad antimicrobial wall cladding system which will perform throughout the lifespan of the product.