Hygienic /Safety flooring & cap and cove system

Hygienic/Safety flooring services & Cap and cove installations.

Flooring design and fitting by expert cap and cove specialists in Worthing/Gloucestershire and throughout UK.

Cap and Cove is a sheet vinyl flooring system where the flooring continues up the wall.  A Capping strip runs across the wall and along the top of the flooring, to ensure a sealed, finished fit that’s hygienic and easy to maintain.
This is a great choice for high traffic, industrious areas where easy maintenance and hygiene are paramount, such as food preparation areas and kitchens, as well as surgery settings such as doctors, dentists and veterinary buildings. One of the other main applications for Cap and Cove flooring is in wetrooms. As a fully waterproof and non-slip product, it makes it the perfect choice.

Why is it important?

As well as reducing any fall and trip hazards, cap and cove flooring can save you money, as the need to replace or repair worn out or damaged flooring edges will be significantly reduced.

While cap and cove flooring gives an additional aesthetic element to any flooring, they also provide a significant health and safety feature. This is particularly important in areas that have high footfall, in wet and sanitized rooms – such as kitchens, corridors and areas that are likely to experience regular movement of trolleys and other wheeled objects, which could catch on the edge of uncapped flooring and risk damage or injury.

Where to install?

Combined cap and coving can reduce installation time aswell as providing a neat solution to the wall and floor join.

The benefits of cap and cove flooring are obvious in areas that see heavy footfall and wheeled traffic. Example areas include: corridors, waiting rooms, wet rooms/shower, pool areas, kitchens, doctors/dentist surgeries, clean/dirty store rooms, schools and many more…
Cap and cove flooring is also suitable for staircases, adding a safety element and creating a sleek and clean finish at the same time.